A Look Back at Freshman Kinnus

Its one of your favorite Communications VP's, Ninja Noah Carlen!  I hope everyone is enjoying USY this year, but if not, then get psyched for Sky Zone!  Its coming up this weekend, and if you're reading this, then I better see you there!

Anyway, I just got back from Freshman Kinnus the other day, and it was awesome!  I met so many new people from around the region and made some great friends.  We spent the weekend bonding with each other. We stayed with host families for Friday night, and not only were my "roommates" fun, but the host family was cool too. They had two Israeli dogs that only spoke Hebrew (I learned some commands). Saturday night we went rollerblading (which I'm not very good at) and laser tag; they were both very fun. It's experiences like this that I'll never forget, and look forward to others like it!
--- Written by Noah Carlen, co-Communications VP and freshman at Newton North High School