A Look Back at Ice Skating at Frog Pond

Ice Skating at Frog Pond, January 21st

 ice skating

It's your favorite Communications VP (besides Jack), Ninja Noah!  So here's the good news: I got to see a lot of you at ice skating on January 21st when we went to Frog Pond in Boston.  Even though it was 17 degrees out, it was the best time I have ever had skating!  Of course that was my first time ever, but still.  Our chapter has a very skillful supply of skaters!  While yes, there were plenty of times where many of us fell, overrall we were pretty good. There really is nothing like sliding along on ice with some sharp blades strapped to your feet.  It was totally worth all the time spent sitting on the train, especially because of the amazing conversations we got to have about what it means to be in USY (the fun parts of it).

Now, here's the bad news: not all of you were there!  As much as I loved the time I spent with people that did attend, I'm sure it would have been even better if more people came!  Let's try to do that for next time, OK? Great.  See you then.