Contribute to Temple Reyim

Reyim Endowment Committee and Funds with Purposes

The Temple Reyim Endowment Committee elected officers at its October 27 meeting. Current members are: David Stollar (chair); Karen Linitz (secretary); Stuart Perlmutter (treasurer); Charles Roazen and Fred Kay. The Committee oversees investment of funds, primarily through the Jewish Community Endowment Pool of the CJP, and allocation of income for purposes specified by donors.

In addition to two multi-purpose funds, the endowment includes 22 others that have restricted purposes, providing support for programs and, in some cases, for individuals. Their investment income provides partial support for attendance at schools or camps, school projects or special education (Graduation, Kramer, Press, Price, Prozdor, Rosenberg, Wilson, Zauderer Memorial, Zigman Funds); as well as for: USY (Green); Passport to Israel (Schechner); adult learning (Stollar, Zauderer Cultural); program and leadership development (Cohen, Fink, Rosenthal, Weinfield Leadership, Weinfield Shabbat); music (Shema Koleinu); life cycle events (Kirshner); library purchase of children’s books (Moretzky); and purchase/maintenance of ritual objects.

When you make a donation to Temple Reyim, you can choose to enhance the general operating fund, the Rabbi’s Tzedakah Fund or one of the endowment categories. In the latter case, you can choose the general multi-purpose endowment fund or any of the restricted ones. Details of their goals and criteria for distribution are available. 

General Donations

____ Unrestricted donation

____ Capital Campaign

____ Wasserman Library

____ Prayer Book ($54)

____ Etz Hayim ($90)

____ Memorial Leaf in Tree of Life ($350)

____ Facilities  

____ Rabbi’s Tzedakah fund

____ USY

____ Minyan Breakfast

____ Shabbat Kiddush Sponsorship ($180)

____ Shabbat Luncheon Sponsorship ($400)

Endowment Funds

____ General Endowment (income usable)


____ Barbara and Parviz Darviche Chesed Fund of Temple Reyim

Children’s Education, Camp

____ Graduation Fund

____ Robert and Ruth Kramer Education Fund

____ Samuel Press Fund

____ Louis Price Fund

____ Prozdor/Jewish High School Fund

____ Rabbi Scott Rosenberg Fund for Children with special needs.

____ Wilson Fund for Education

____ Hannah Zauderer Memorial Fund for Jewish High School Education

____ Sheryl Anne Zigman memorial Fund for Mitzva Projects


____ Louis Green Fund for Youth Activities

____ Schechner Family Passport to Israel

Adult Learning

____ Carol and David Stollar Fund

____ Zauderer Family Fund

Program and Leadership Development

____ Edith and Aaron Cohen Fund for Spiritual Growth

____ Joseph Fink Fund for Jewish Life Programming

____ Manuel and Mary Rosenthal Fund for Program Enhancement

____ Shema Koleinu Fund for Music

____ Sophie Weinfield Fund for Leadership

____ Sophie Weinfield Fund for Brit Chesed Shabbat

Additional Funds

____ Charlotte A and Sidney Kirshner Fund for Life Cycle Events

____ Lee Moretzky Library Fund

____ Ritual Objects (Silver) Fund