Wasserman Library

The Wasserman Library is a volunteer run Library. It is completely self-supporting through donations from our generous congregants. The current Library collection includes more than 2,400 books, periodicals, tapes and videos for both children and adults. The collection includes all subject areas related to Judaism and Jewish life, including Bible and Bible Study, Laws and Customs, Prayer, Holidays, Literature and Poetry, History, the Holocaust, Jews around the World then and now, the Arts, Biography, and Fiction.

We continue to update our collection on an ongoing basis. The use of a computerized card cataloguing program has assisted the volunteers by enabling them to purchase a larger selection of materials and more readily make these materials available to the congregation.

During the Religious School calendar year, the Sandberg Religious School students in kindergarten through third grade visit the library. Younger students hear a story, while older students may learn Midrash or are exposed to reading materials related to their curriculum. All students have the opportunity to borrow library materials. Library time for the religious school students is facilitated with ongoing conferencing with the religious school staff.

The library is open whenever Temple Reyim is open. Library materials are borrowed on the honor system. There is a Shabbat Check Out system that allows a borrower to clip a pre-typed name card to the book card and thus insures that all synagogue members may borrow library materials at any time.