Israel Bonds Appeal Letter

The Temple Reyim Israel Connection Committee is organizing our efforts for the purchase of Israel Bonds.  Ian Noy, chair of the Committee, has written an introduction to the appeal, below.


This summer's Operation Protective Edge underscored not only the seriousness of threats against Israel on a daily basis, but also the unfailing resolve of the Israeli people.  Despite rockets launched at all parts of the country and IDF soldiers operating in Gaza, Israelis conduct their daily lives determined to be strong, united, and resolute in the face of crisis.

Temple Reyim's 5775 High Holidays Campaign is an opportunity for us to send a message of support to the people of Israel.  As Israelis endured the threats against them this summer and now hope again for peace, we must stand with them through investments in Israel bonds. 

Each and every Israel Bond investment sends an unmistakable message to the world: we are resolute, we are united, and we are strong.

Since they were introduced 63 years ago, Israel bonds have been acquired by thousands of synagogue members for strengthening, supporting, and connecting with Israel. 

Most of us, I am sure, learned about Israel bonds from our parents and grandparents.  Now it is our turn to act and to teach the next generation.

Our Reyim Statistics

Since 2007 we have had an average of 50 investors from Reyim per year, with an average investment of $85,000 - and a total over the last 7 years of $596,000.

This is made up of investments from small amounts to Jubilee Issue Bonds, as described in the card that you will receive on the first day of Rosh Hashanah services.

This year our goal is to increase our participation by 20%, which means we are looking for 60 investors this year, for as much as you would like to invest.

Remember, this is your financial investment just as you would invest in any other local municipal or other bond.  Israel Bonds have a high credit rating with competitive interest rates. Your support is needed and, during the uncertain future to come, will be essential to the ongoing efforts of Israelis to restore calm to their lives and continue to be a leading innovator developing technological, medical, and environmental products and solutions for people and the earth.

Please join me and our community on the first day of Rosh Hashanah for our annual High Holidays Israel Bonds Appeal and be an essential part of Israel's growth and future.