Religious Services

At Temple Reyim, we have religious programming for members of all ages. Find out more about a specific service by choosing it from the list on the right.

In addition to a Friday night service, we conduct Shabbat services, every Saturday morning, and a mincha/maariv service and a study session on Saturday afternoons.

We do much more than simply "tolerate" children in the Sanctuary during services, we enthusiastically welcome and treasure them! We also provide services tailored to their needs. A weekly Junior Congregation service enables school-aged children to both learn and enjoy the service, surrounded by the peers. Once a month, we host parent-led Tot Shabbat and Mini-Minyan services to appeal to younger children, with songs, stories, and prayers oriented to infants and toddlers through first or second graders. And once a month - on Shabbat Mivorchin, the Shabbat preceding Rosh Chodesh - we have a wonderful Family Shabbat followed by a festive, kiddush luncheon. It's a terrific opportunity to get better acquainted with other Temple members and their families.

Morning minyans are held each weekday. And all the Jewish festivals and holidays are observed with appropriate services and celebrations.

We follow the annual Torah cycle (a complete reading, each year). And although our religious services, which are conducted primarily in Hebrew, are considered "traditional," women are counted in the minyan and participate equally with men in every aspect of the service.

The spiritual leader of the congregation is, of course, our Rabbi. He provides many services to the congregation's members, including:

  • Conducting special ceremonies (e.g., a brit or baby-naming);

  • Visiting hospital patients and shut-ins;

  • Counseling people on personal matters;

  • Helping to arrange care, such as for a hospice or nursing home;

  • Working with families new to our community;

  • Advising the school principal and teaching classes to children and adults;

  • And representing the Temple in the community

In other words, he is a teacher, leader, advisor and friend.