Kallah 2018

Temple Reyim's 49th Annual Kallah weekend will be held March 16-18 with Professor William Miles, this year's scholar in residence, presenting: African-Jewish Communities and Encounters. His Friday evening talk A Jewish Indiana Jones: The Rabbi of Timbuktu, tells the extraordinary life story of Rabbi Serour who was a North African caravan leader, explorer, merchant and Hebrew teacher who settled in the fabled city of Timbuktu. Saturday morning he will speak on From Sinai to Sahara: What Jews and Muslims share speaking about his experiences living on the edge of the Sahara. Sunday morning he will introduce New Jewish Communities in Africa: a Multimedia presentation about new Jewish communities that have been springing up in sub-Saharan Africa including the Igbo Jews of Nigeria, the Malagasy Jews of Madagascar and the Beti Jews of Cameroon. Dr. Miles teaches political science at Northeastern University and has published twelve books; two of which have been National Jewish Book Award finalists.

Be part of this unique week end, come for one or all the sessions. Bring family or neighbors. Just remember to make reservations for lunch on Saturday by sending email to kallah_2018@reyim.org or returning the reservation card.

Click here to view the 49h Annual Kallah Program Brochure

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