Kallah 2019

Temple Reyim is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary of their extraordinary Kallah weekend of learning. Joining us April 5 , 6 and 7 will be Susannah Heschel, a renowned scholar and Eli Black professor of Jewish Studies at Dartmouth College . Her talks during the weekend will focus on the following:

  • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., quote frequently from Amos and Isaiah and other Hebrew prophets. Indeed, the motto fo the Civil Rights Movement is Amos 5:21: “Let justice roll down like water and righteousness as a mighty stream.” What is the significance of this for Jewish history?
  • Human Dignity is enshrined in the UN charter and in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. What do Jewish teachings about the dignity of the person contribute to this important international principle? How might Judaism’s teachings be modified in light of current political movements?
  • Antisemitism is suddenly re-emerging throughout the world. Many of us had assumed this was impossible after the horrors of WWII and the Holocaust, and Jews never expected antisemitism to flourish in the United States. How do historians evaluate and analyze this terrible phenomenon?

Please join us for what promises to be an amazing weekend of learning, sharing and thought provoking conversation.

Be part of this unique week end, come for one or all the sessions. Bring family or neighbors. Just remember to make reservations for lunch on Saturday by sending email to Joel Bloom or returning the reservation card.

Click here to view the 50th Annual Kallah Program Brochure

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