Reyim's Israel Connection


Temple Reyim members should have abundant opportunities explore diverse aspects of Israel and Israeli society (cultural, historical, technological, social, political, etc.) ensuring that Israel remains integral to our identity and activities as Conservative Jews.


• To provide programming and organize events at TR centered on Israel

• To provide information, materials and educational opportunities concerning Israel using various means of communication at our disposal, targeting both adult members and youth groups

• To promote awareness of current affairs

• To facilitate and strengthen connections between Temple Reyim and other synagogues and promote programs within the larger community in mutual support of Israel

Havurah Be'Ad Israel:

As part of its core Israel mission, Temple Reyim recently launched a Havurah For Israel (be'ad Israel), that now meets regularly

• to learn more about Israel in depth (one pre-advised topic per meeting)

• in a friendly and congenial manner

• and get to know the others in our group and hear varied views of current events


For Further information, please contact Israel Connection co-chairs Len Rubin or Ian Noy