Campaign for Reyim

Our congregation of friends has a rich history of helping us live deep and meaningful Jewish lives. Our President Andy Offit and our Board of Directors are unwaveringly dedicated to the success of our congregation, and our Rabbi is deeply focused on caring for our spiritual lives. We are doing great! We have grown by sixty new households in three years, including dozens of young families, joined with Kesher Newton to bring joyful, meaningful Hebrew School education back to Reyim, and added many new opportunities for learning, engagement, and community building.

We now have an annual off-site intergenerational Shabbat retreat, new young family services and programs, a beautiful story-telling event, a greening initiative, outreach for compassionate care, a community Passover seder, and a powerful multi-faith social action collaboration with local congregations. We will be taking our first Reyim trip to Israel in the fall. Financially, we now operate within a lean and balanced budget. We have strengthened our community partnerships and become a central site for organizations such as the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts and Limmud Boston.

Find out much more at our Campaign for Reyim website here.