Keren Reyim

Keren Reyim is our annual appeal. We support Keren Reyim for several reasons:

First, it completes our operating budget, and a successful campaign is critical toward achieving our goal of a balanced budget each year.

Second, this is our only annual fund raising appeal.

Finally, it covers everything, providing the very foundation from which all our efforts can, and will, grow.

In recent years, over 60% of our families increased their pledge from the prior year, and we have raised over $115,000 annually. Let’s strive to exceed our goals each year!

To contribute, you can send a check to the office, and indicate it is for Keren Reyim, or be in touch with our President Ellen Tanowitz, or Rabbi Berman, indicating your pledge.

Most importantly, thank you. Thank you for your support of our Temple, our Board, our wonderful and caring Rabbi, and our campaign.