Following services each week, we gather as a community for a delicious kiddush prepared by a rotation of volunteers. If you would like to sponsor a kiddush in honor of a birthday, anniversary or other simcha or in commemoration of a yahrtzeit, please contact our Office Administrator Jean Max at

The kiddush rotation is looking for people who like food and want to participate in Reyim kiddushes. Families are welcome, even families with younger children. In fact, it turns out to be a pretty enjoyable family experience. Your turn in the rotation is likely to come up about once every 2 months and people are welcome to trade dates as needed. So if you are interested in participating in putting out Shabbat and holiday kiddushes or you know people who might please ask them to contact me at or by phone, 617-244-1825 or 617-332-4369.

FYI, there is NO personal cost to kiddush rotation volunteers; Reyim quickly reimburses for kiddush rotation outlays. And, you get to have all your favorite foods at kiddush!!

You can find our Kiddush rotation guide here.

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