We warmly welcome you to join our Brotherhood!

We are dedicated to creating an environment of fellowship and camaraderie.

Membership in Brotherhood helps to underwrite the diverse and stimulating programs that touch the lives of our Reyim members: the Annual Sports Breakfast; the World Wide Wrap (Tefillin instruction), Brotherhood Shabbat with award presentations including Keeper of the Flame/Man of the Year and our Yasher Koach Awards; the Yom HaShoah Candle Program; and many other synagogue events.

Many other programs are sponsored by Brotherhood: Membership Committee events; Israel engagement programs; the Reyim Softball Team; and siddur gifts to mourners who have finished saying Kaddish. We also contribute to our annual Kallah as well as other educational and cultural events.

Brotherhood is an affiliate of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs. We are always interested in new ideas. We are here for you!