High Holy Days - Elul Z'man

“Elul Z'man”: A Month of Reflection and Togetherness as We Approach the High Holy Days 5781

The first day of the Hebrew month of Elul marks the beginning of the process called “cheshbon ha’nefesh,” or “accounting for our souls.” This year Elul begins on Friday August 21. It is a period of personal reflection and introspection that prepares us for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

This year, of course, is very different from any other year we have experienced, as, due to COVID-19, we are not able to gather as a community for in-person High Holy Day services. We have taken this opportunity, however, to develop new ways to help you prepare for these sacred days. We are not looking to simply replicate High Holy Day services at Reyim. Rather, we want this to be a time of creativity that is generative and uplifting. We are excited to offer this full six-week program of diverse, inclusive, and innovative opportunities to engage the themes of this season: introspection, teshuvah and forgiveness.

  • Pray

    • Shofar at Morning Minyan
    • Personal Prayer at the Aron Kodesh
    • Meditation and Reflective Writing
    • Prayerbooks
    • Leil Selichot
  • Learn

    • Book Groups
    • Preparing our Palates: Sharing Family Recipes
  • Come Together

    • Shofar in our Courtyard
    • Outdoor Alot Hashachar “First Lights” Minyan
  • Reflect

    • Elul Kavannot: a prompt for reflection, conversation and writing
    • Shape of the Moon
    • Individual spiritual counseling and reflection
    • Looking Outward: A Conversation on Race and Identity
  • Music

    • Hidden Roots of American Synagogue Melodies
    • Kol Nidrei Around the World
  • Family Programs

    • Musical Kabbalat Shabbat Outdoors
    • Library Resources