Keren Reyim

Keren Reyim is our annual fundraiser supporting our operating costs and is critical to maintaining a balanced budget. A year ago we launched Keren Reyim as we started construction of our new shared campus. This year, we are launching Keren Reyim as our campus partners are set to complete their moves and as construction nears its completion.

Our new shared campus is grounded in a vision that, through partnership, we can continue to live out what we all love about our experience at Reyim, now with more confidence and dynamism. Opening our home to many other Jewish organizations who share core aspects of our mission and our values only strengthens us.

This culmination of physical building comes on the heels of our incredible gala this Fall celebrating Temple Reyim’s 70 remarkable years of a different kind of building – the building of a heimish community sustained by ongoing learning, meaningful spiritual practice, and acts of generosity and compassion with dear friends. Hanukkah’s core theme of re-dedication has never been more relevant or appropriate at Temple Reyim.

Over the past year, together, we have:

  • Celebrated our beautifully renovated shul and the completion of the new building for our incoming community partners;
  • Enjoyed vibrant and meaningful in-person High Holiday services with a large member turnout, and many more joining virtually;
  • Hosted a fabulous 70th anniversary gala;
  • Hired Myla Green as our first Executive Director in half a century to professionalize and elevate the level of our operations;
  • Engaged in phenomenal educational programming, including our Beit Midrash Series, annual Kallah program, Hebrew classes, and ongoing Torah study;
  • Deepened our commitment to repairing our world through meaningful Areyvut (Social Action) initiatives, focusing on racial justice and LGBTQ rights, get out the vote initiatives, refugee support, and mental health programming;
  • Launched exciting youth initiatives under the leadership of our Director of Youth Engagement, Bridget Connor-Feldbaum, including an intergenerational Shabbat retreat at Camp Ramah, revamped B’nei Mitzvah program, ongoing learning and social activities for middle-and-high school students, regular in-person Shabbat activities for young families, and creative, joyful holiday celebrations; and,
  • Welcomed 21 new families as members of Temple Reyim (4 more new families than in the year prior!)

As you know, Temple Reyim depends on this annual Keren Reyim campaign to support our vital operating expenses, including programming, staff, and building operations. This year, we also have several additional expenses due to the final phases of launching the campus collaboration, including a new Sukkah, various costs related to construction and moving; and hiring of new staff. Membership dues typically account for just over half of our income, with this campaign typically accounting for another critical 15-20%, which is then supplemented by rental income and other smaller donations. This year’s Keren Reyim goal is $125,000. Every donation of any amount is deeply valued as part of this effort. For members for whom it is possible, we ask each of you to consider giving at least 10 percent more than last year to help us meet our goal. If you can stretch and give more, we would be incredibly grateful. Please contact Myla Green if you would like to review your giving history from previous years.

Thank you again for all you do for Temple Reyim to create this true Community of Friends. Thank you in advance for your support - you can make your contribution via PayPal (below) or can send a check into the office with Keren Reyim in the memo.