Support and Resources

As we face challenges of distance and illness, we want to be sure to meet special needs that may arise for our community members. Please take a moment to complete this form if a need arises or if you feel you can support others' needs. Responses are confidential.

JF&CS Emergency Services

If you are experiencing a financial crisis or you are an older adult in need of support, you can be in touch with Jewish Family and Children's Services.

JF&CS Parent Coaching

If you or anyone you know has a loved one who is currently at home and is missing their daily structure, feeling isolated and bored, and/or is displaying behaviors that could benefit from some interventions, please contact JF&CS to schedule a free phone call or video meeting so they can help you put together a schedule for your loved one and troubleshoot any challenging behaviors they are exhibiting. More information can be found here.

Mental Health Resources

Removing ourselves physically from family and community can be very difficult on our mental health.

With gratitude to Kim Gilbert, Claire Gerstein and Rebecca Kornblatt, you can find a list of community mental health resources here. In addition, the William James Interface Referral Service is a free, confidential mental health referral service for individuals across the lifespan. You can call (888) 244-6843 and find more information here.

Spiritual Listening with our Member Jane Rabin

One of our members, Jane Rabin, is formally trained in chaplaincy, offering spiritual direction and companionship, and guiding Jewish meditation. She would be very happy to meet with you virtually, listen, offer emotional and spiritual support and reflect together. Jane's approach is to help us connect with the sacred part of our being - our neshama - and encourage us to consider our own life force as an internal resource for strength. You can reach out to Jane here.